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 COVID: What to Know

The Galapagos islands were declared free of COVID-19

Travel to Ecuador:

  • Ecuador has moved to a Level 3 Travel Advisory: Reconsider Travel
  • Ecuador approved resumption of commercial flight operations on June 1, 2020.
  • It is strongly advised that arriving passengers have the results of a PCR (polymerase chain reaction) COVID test within the last seven (7) days prior to arrival in Ecuador. If a negative PCR test is not provided, testing may be conducted immediately at the airport upon arrival or on subsequent days, as determined at the discretion of Ministry of Health personnel.
  • All passengers arriving in Ecuador will be required to comply with mandatory preventive quarantine (“aislamiento preventativo obligatorio”, or APO) for 14 days upon arrival. Ecuadorian citizens/residents with negative PCR results and other Ecuadorian citizens/residents in “priority” groups (children, adolescents without parents, pregnant women, those with disabilities or serious illnesses, the elderly) may quarantine at home. Ecuadorian citizens and residents with positive PCR results and who are not in “priority” groups must quarantine in temporary housing/hotels. Individuals in temporary housing/hotels can request a PCR test after seven days and, if negative, may finish the remaining seven days of quarantine at home.
  • All travelers who are not Ecuadorian citizens or residents must quarantine the entire 14 days in temporary housing/hotels even if they present negative PCR test results. Please se  regarding quarantine.
  • Travelers who are unable to provide a negative PCR test or comply with the APO should reach out to Ecuador’s Unified Command Point (“Puesto de Mando Unificado”) for guidance.
  • There are specific requirements for travel to Galapagos.  
  • Please note procedures may change at any time. We recommend reaching out to the Ecuadorian embassy or consulate nearest you before traveling for the most updated information at

Country-Specific Information:

  • Ecuador has confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 in all 24 provinces.
  • On August 6, the U.S. Department of State removed the Global Health Advisory Level 4. Ecuador is now listed as Level 3: Reconsider Travel.
  • The Government of Ecuador has restricted movement throughout the country and imposed curfews. Some provinces are relaxing these restrictions, but U.S. citizens should continue to comply with all local laws and monitor local news for any updates. Note these restrictions can change at any time. Please